Fran Vielma's performance and compositional esthetic integrates rhythmic elements of his native Venezuela, the nuance and variety of classical and world music styles, as well as the freedom of jazz! 

… A percussion colourist of great distinction. Clearly also he “hears” music not only from the vantage point of the complex rhythmic patterns that adorn the music of Venezuela… But more significantly and infinitely more attractive is what Mr. Vielma does with the rhythmic patterns in the manner in which he adorns each with melodies and harmonic voices. Here, the percussionist leans heavily on his aptitude for, and particular genius for counterpoint and most of important of all – his understanding of instrumental timbre...” –Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network 2018. Read more…


Fran Vielma and His Venezuelan Jazz Collective 

Debut album Tendencias Included on:

  • Top rated releases of 2018 - Downbeat Magazine

  • Top 5 list of the Best Latin Jazz Releases of 2018 – New York City Jazz Record Magazine

  • Top 20 Best Latin Jazz Releases of 2018 - Latin Jazz Network

  • Top 20 Best releases of the Venezuelan Diaspora in 2018 – Ladosis Magazine

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